Saturday, 25 August 2012

Book Launch!

Otter Country is here...

...and is getting off to a wonderful start with Hugh Warwick's spiffing review in The Guardian:

I'm just off to the Voewood Festival - 'arts garden party of the year' - to celebrate with the great and the good. I'll be appearing there on Sunday 26th August at 3pm in conversation with world-class conversationalist Mark Cocker, and later partying into the night.


  1. Fab review. I've pre-ordered a copy from Amazon so looking forward to that.

    Just been in Mid wales for the weekend and thought of you as I wandered round Llanerchaeron House which has more stuffed otters than anywhere I've ever seen (even a footstool!) - in a way it's political incorrectness was almost comica, and though distasteful, was a typical representation of pursuits of middling gentry of the period.

    Ever been to the Doethie Valley? Bet there are otters there - but go anyway if you get the chance. Despite rain, I loved it.

    Good luck with book.

    1. Thanks Mark. Only thing was, something distinctly ottery happened at the launch. Or didn't happen.. The books mysteriously disappeared en route to Voewood! They never got there! I had a no-book launch. How otter-like is that! A lesson in not being too attached to our books, or not expecting too much of otters, perhaps. I'd recommend Voewood though. It was very cool.

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  3. Love the book!
    I am another otter enthusiast
    I have been photographing otters for over 10 years now.
    You be interested to know I have a couple of locations where it's possible to nearly guarantee daylight sightings in the SW. I manage 1 day per fortnight between the day job commitments.
    If you want any illustrations let me know
    Richard Hopkins

  4. Just reading your beautiful book now. Although Australian I was raised on Tarka the Otter - on Maxwell's beautiful prose and heart stopping stories. Lovely and fitting that you went to Voewood for the launch - I've read about its eccentric beauty and greedily googled images of the butterfly curtains and mosaics. How sad to be without the books though!!! But an escapee made it to Melbourne and is in my hand right now. May it play happily with a platypus or two.

  5. Whoops, I meant Williamson not Maxwell although I love A Ring of Bright Water too!